Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BEDA....We Meet Again

Well hello there, August 1! How YOU doin'? In all seriousness, August brings a lot of things: the start of school, work days, frantic back to school shopping, BEDA, and this year it also has the Olympics! I've spent several evenings parked on the couch watching* various events. There are a lot of things I like about the Olympics. The sense of camaraderie, seeing world records broken, watching someone win a medal- especially if their country hasn't won medals before or in several years; and the chance to watch sports that aren't usually televised.

How many of you are watching the games? What are your favorite sports to watch (and cheer for) during the Olympics?

*Except for tonight when I've mainly been snoozing because I can't seem to stay


Deanna said...

I've been watching the games, I've been enjoying the swimming because there has been so much talk about it. And I've been really into the beach volleyball this year.

RochelleShanlea said...

I love swimming and beach volleyball! I was extremely excited to watch the women's gymnastic team finals, but we had a huge storm and lost all local channels! I was very upset.