Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goodbye Summer Program, Hello Vacation

I have the next three weeks off work! Kind of. I have several required training sessions to attend to ensure I'm prepared to deal with emergency situations in the classroom/school setting, and in theory I will have a caseload BEFORE school starts this year* and I will have some workdays where I update files and write treatments plans and other fun stuff at our office with my coworkers. This is always manages to be a fun experience AND a bummer all at once. It is so much fun to be with grownups and not have to worry about kids. Lunch dates, lazy days, and laughfests with coworkers that I don't see frequently because we are spread across the county and we only see each other a handful of times throughout the school year make these days awesome. However, these days are also a bummer because we are just swamped with file work. Write reports about treatment, coming up with treatment plans, reading about our clients and discussing cases with our supervisors and coworkers can be stressful. But by and large I enjoy workdays, and am looking forward to three weeks without clients.

So, what does one DO with three weeks free of work? I plan to read and catch up on some TV shows that have been abandoned due to work issues. I have several sleepover dates planned with The Fantastic Four and plans to watch Doctor Who with BFF2.** And I'm considering doing BEDA since I won't have to work for the majority of August. I know, I know. BEDA, it's not like I've EVER managed to actually DO BEDA, but at least I'm persistent! Right? So get ready for updates about First Aid training, movie nights with the cousins, and babbling entries about the books I'm reading! I hope you guys are EXCITED!

*Does everyone remember how much fun it was LAST year when I didn't actually have a caseload until the first day of school? No? Go read about it here.
**She's never seen it before and I love it enough that I am thoroughly  enjoying rewatching it with her.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Updating the TBR List and Packing Extravaganzas

I spent my long weekend doing a lot of random things. I hung out with BFF2,  I did some paperwork, I drove a total of eight hours to pick my uncle and cousin up after their two hour flight "home," I watched fireworks, and I did laundry. I mean a LOT of laundry. A ridiculous amount of laundry really. And since I hate laundry with a burning passion I decided that I would go ahead and pack for my upcoming vacation. In six VERY SHORT days BFF2 and I will depart for Florida. I am EXTREMELY excited about this trip. I haven't had a real vacation in several years. I went to Chicago earlier this year to visit a friend but it was just over a long weekend. THIS is going to be a seven day trip that includes a road trip, a theme park, and HARRY POTTER! And my best friend of course.

While packing the books I plan on taking with me I came to a startling realization. When I made my Summer TBR List I picked several books that are the first in a series. This is a problem. I don't actually feel like I can add MORE books to my list to accommodate the series books, but I know myself well enough to know that I won't be able to just read the first book in a series. THEREFORE I am going to have to spend some time rearranging the TBR list. I spent the day pouring over my shelves and making a list of possible alternate choices.  I realize this seems silly, but honestly having that list and knowing which books I've set a goal to read has really helped me stay on task this summer bookwise. It's been nice to just read through the list without worrying about shifting through my shelves (and piles) in order to choose a book. Soon I will update my TBR tab and you can see what I've decided to read!

And yes, I realize that I'm a nerd who just spent an entire blog entry talking about a Harry Potter themed vacation and a reading list!