Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow Day

Today is the second snow day I have had this year. The first was on the day we were supposed to start school after Christmas break, and it didn't really count. Today has been kind of wonderful though. Schools were closed mid-afternoon yesterday, so naturally E came to stay overnight. This is in no way surprising, she's usually here as many nights as her parents will allow. Since the majority of my family is employed by the school system everyone congregated at my house around breakfast and for most of the day. We had lunch and dinner together. Doodle, E, A, and I made cupcakes inspired by Butterbeer, and they were consumed at an alarming speed. When the cousins went sledding I opted to stay inside due to the long-lasting cold type illness I've had this month. I spent my time lazing on the couch, watching The Walking Dead season one, and reading a few pages in several different books without actually committing to any of them. It was all just kind of GOLDEN. No schedule, no kids with behavior issues, no scrambling around a middle school...just resting and relaxing. I didn't even really communicate with anyone who isn't a relative. It was one of the best days I've had in a really long time. In a lot of ways this year feels similar to 2009, when I mainly stayed wrapped in the cocoon of my family and read a lot of books and just enjoyed where I was even when it didn't make sense to a lot of other people. I hope that I can continue to enjoy good things that come along in 2012, even if I haven't done an amazing job of that so far this year.