Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Well, in the past few weeks a lot has changed. For one thing I have a new job! Hooray and fun times all around. I wanted to post about it because with the new job comes the opportunity to blog more frequently. I currently blog for the library, and I don't post nearly often enough. But hopefully with more time I will be able to do a better job here. I read a lot and I review books. Most likely I will still be doing this for the library on a volunteer basis until they get someone to fill my position. Once someone new comes along I am not sure if they are going to want to continue with the blog or not. I want to continue the book reviewing here so that if the library blog disappears people can come here and see what is going on. I am planning on starting this before I leave so that the current readers can come over here and see what is going on. This blog will be somewhat different than the library blog because I will also focus on the adult books I read. At the library I mainly work with kids and teens, so my blog there revolves around YA fiction. There will still be plenty of YA stuff here, don't worry, it is my favorite genre to read, but I read a lot, and since I read a lot I read everything from biographies to trashy romance novel. I also care about various world issues and I may talk about them on here as well. I also have more freedom here so if I want to talk about something crazy from my personal life I can do that too. So, just to recap: I plan on using this blog mainly to review books/talk about the books I am reading or want to read, but it is also a personal blog that may contain all kinds of randomness. I hope everyone who stops by says hello and enjoys what I have to offer. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them!

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