Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doctor Who

I failed B(A)EDA. Let's just get that over with. I am a failure. But that's okay. I'm still awesome!

Tonight is the premiere of Doctor Who on BBCA and I am VERY excited! I've talked about Doctor Who so much that BFF2 is going to start watching it. She is currently regretting that she didn't start soon enough to get caught up before the new season began, but I am DVRing all of the episodes so we can watch them when she finally DOES get them all watched. The Clone still hasn't watched all of the new Doctor Who series, but she has watched all of the Matt Smith episodes, so we will be watching series 6 together this year. However, I'm not sure I can wait for her to watch tonight's episode. I just found out my grandmother is going to be out of the house so I'll be able to watch the show when it comes on TV tonight instead of having to waiting until she goes to sleep to enjoy the awesomeness of it!

In preparation of Doctor Who coming back I watched "Blink" last night. And can I just say "holy weeping angels, Batman?" I'm not sure WHY Blink is (maybe) my favorite Tennant episode, but I certainly do love it. Sally Sparrow OWNS that episode and the entire time I watched I alternately thought "soooo freaking creepy man" and "why wasn't Sally Sparrow ever a companion?" I suppose because she has her own story to live out, but she would have been better than Martha Jones. Martha is easily my least favorite companion, which is saying something because I pretty much wanted to light Rose on fire when we first met her. BUT moving back to the topic at hand! Blink-terrifying beyond belief. I can no longer look at angel statues and if I ever see one with it't eyes covered I will probably soil my linens! Of all the "bad guys" on DW, the Weeping Angels are probably my favorite/the most horrifying but I love them all the same. I watched Eleven's Angel episodes three times and loved them a little more each time I watched them. I have to say, Steven Moffat did an excellent job with both this episode and the continuation of the Angels story line in series five.

Are any of you watching Doctor Who tonight? Are you as excited as I am?

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