Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Ten: Ten TV Shows I’m Currently Watching

Confession: I have a sick obsession with television. Maybe it comes from college, where I need background noise of my choice when I studied, so I kept the TV on pretty much 24/7. Maybe it comes from not having cable when I was a small child and only watching NBC and PBS. Whatever the reason, I am addicted now, and things like Netflix, Hulu, and TV on DVD do NOTHING to help me.

Here are ten TV shows that I adore and am currently watching, or rewatching as the case may be. When I say “currently watching” I don’t mean have been watching since the very beginning and am now watching the episodes that are currently airing. These shows are either shows I have watched multiple times because they are like comfort food or shows that I have just now discovered/fallen in love with.

1)      FRIENDS*
2)      Torchwood
3)      Psych
4)      That 70s Show
5)      Buffy
6)      Doctor Who**
7)      Castle
8)      Gilmore Girls
9)      Sherlock***
10)  Golden Girls****

* I have watched every episode multiple times and own all ten seasons on DVD. You may say I have a problem, but I absolutely LOVE this show and it is my go-to comfort item in the TV show line.
**Technically I am up to date on DW. However, I watched all five of the new series from beginning to end since October 2010. I’m also REWATCHING all the episodes with The Clone so that she will be caught up as well.
***Oh my goodness, SHERLOCK! *drools*
****Because who doesn’t love The Golden Girls? I watch this show more than any other TV show that has ever been made. And I generally live-tweet my viewing. I know, I have a problem!

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