Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Abandoned Books: February 2011

I hate to put a book down. For a long time I really resisted abandoning books and instead forced myself to struggle through no matter how miserable I was reading the book. However, now that I have less reading time I am much more willing to put a book aside if it isn't grabbing my attention and sucking me in. So far this year I have only abandoned one book, which is impressive! Here's the rundown:

Inkheart: This book came highly recommended, and I read it when it was originally published in 2005 and really enjoyed. However, as a reread it was a complete failure. The more I read, the longer the book seemed. I enjoyed it, I liked the characters, but after two months I still have not managed to finish the book. I may try it again in the summer, but for now I am returning it to the library and cutting my losses. There are too many books I’m genuinely excited for to linger over this one.

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