Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello March!

And hello to all of YOU! I really should update more, especially since my last blog was kind of a downer. Unfortunately, I have been SUPER busy lately. There has been an influx of clients at work and I am the lone wolf at my school, so I have been swamped with work stuff. There will be reinforcements VERY soon though and then I will be able to breathe and have a social life.

I did carve out some time this week to go see a movie with BFF1 and The Clone and to finish a book! I am planning both a movie review* and a book review this week. I will also be posting a Lent blog. I'm still not one hundred percent sure what I'll be giving up for Lent. The past few years it has been potatoes, and it has worked out pretty well I suppose. I have been asked to see I Am Number Four and Beastly, and I hope to fit them both into my schedule and my budget. I'd like to read Beastly before I see the movie, but The Clone stole it last time she was at my house, so I don't see that happening. I'll probably watch, read, then do a Book-to-Movie review. Probably. Expect a return to Teaser Tuesdays, and a February Wrap-Up review in the next week as well. I haven't posted any crafty time blogs because I haven't been creating recently. I have been tweaking the mitten pattern I found online to make my daddy** mittens, but the way things are going he won't be able to use them this year.

I decided last weekend that I am fed up with lack of storage. Living with my grandmother is AMAZING, but having one room to confine a lifetime of THINGS*** is difficult at best. So, I have decided that with the help of aforementioned Daddy I will be building bookshelves. We worked out a pretty amazing design that will utilize two entire walls and parts of the other two walls. When it's all said and done I will end up with a corner desk, a window seat with built in storage, and a corner nook thing along with bookshelves. I'm also trying to talk him into building a shelf that circles the room, but that is at the back end of the project. To start out I will have WAY too many shelves for just the books I own, but I figure I can put baskets, hat boxes, and the vintage cigar boxes I smuggled out of my grandfather's house in the shelves and use those for storage as well. I'm really excited about the project for a multitude of reasons, the main one being that I am looking forward to a project and the ability to add organization to my room.

March has brought RAIN! I absolutely adore rain and it has been difficult to stay inside and do paperwork when I'd rather be taking walks outside in the misty greyness. With spring comes the ability to actually work in my compost heap, which has been sadly neglected due to the horrendous amount of snow we had this winter. It snowed this morning, but I am hoping that slacks off soon so I can hang my hammock. There are few things I love more than hanging out in the hammock after school with a book and a glass of sweet tea. It is the epitome of Southern relaxation. 

I am looking forward to a lot of things about March, and I hope to have time to share them with all of YOU.

*I am using the term "movie review" in the loosest definition possible. Instead it will be me recounting the exploits of me, my bestie, and my cousin. But it will be HILARIOUS!
**Yes, I am 27 and still refer to my father as "daddy." It's been a rough week, roll with it.
***And by things, I mean BOOKS

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