Friday, August 12, 2011

BEDA 11- Cupcakes

Well, it only took a few days to come to the point where I just blog about things that I eat. I mean, OBVIOUSLY I spend a lot of time tweeting about things that I eat,* but so far I've managed not to devote large amounts of blog time to food.** That all changes tonight!

I have a sick obsession with cupcakes. I absolutely LOVE them. Most of my weekends are spent baking at least one batch of cupcakes (or maybe scones) and then watching numerous episodes with BFF2. I know! My life is soooo exciting! Anyway, the point is I'm a girl who knows her way around a kitchen and I really enjoy having enough time to actually bake without feeling rushed.

When making cupcakes, I generally start with a cake mix and then add my own flavors and such. Sometimes I add homemade jam to the batter, sometimes I just use food color. I've used various syrups, added different candies to the cupcakes, made different frosting from scratch. And sometimes I just mix up a yellow cupcake mix and we eat them when they are warm from the oven without anything (even frosting) added to the cake.

Essentially, cupcakes make things better. The time spent making the cupcakes can provide both solitude and company depending on who is at my house when I'm baking. Deciding what I'm going to add to basic cupcakes allows for some creativity. We've tried cupcakes that were a complete disaster, like the Neapolitan cupcakes that didn't layer because they were too runny. We've also tried things we thought would completely bomb which turned out MUCH better than we expected such as the cupcakes we added fresh berries to before baking. THOSE were amazing. And of course we can't forget that eating cupcakes provides you with an amazing sugar high that can make even the worse day a little brighter.

So, my advice to you all is to eat a cupcake! If you're happy the cupcake will only add to that joy, BUT if you happen to be having a horrid day the cupcake will certainly help you feel a tad bit better.

*Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks, new recipes I'm trying, shows I'm watching on Food know, the usual.
**That post about Coca-Cola doesn't count, seeing as how Coke is a drink.

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Chris said...

Great, now I really want a cupcake. XD