Saturday, August 13, 2011

BEDA 12- Rain

Today it rained, so prepare yourselves for a love letter to weather. Seriously, it's about to be like a chapter from Twilight. Today as I left the house to take E to a pool party with her friends it started sprinkling rain. It was one of those adorable summer rain showers where it is bright and sunny and HUGE drops of rain fall from the sky and plunk down on the world. It was fun and bright and beautiful. Unfortunately it was over too soon, and by the time I returned home fifteen minutes later the rain had stopped. This prompted me to tell my grandmother that Mother Nature was a cruel mistress who was nothing more than a tease. Obviously I take my rain showers seriously.

I should have known that Mother Nature wouldn't let me down. As the day progressed we had a few other showers, but nothing that really caught my attention. However, it wasn't until early this evening when my grandmother asked what was wrong with our television (out satellite had lost signal) that I realized weather patterns had changed. I don't know about you guys, but I can TELL when it is going to rain. There will be times that I look up from paperwork or the book I'm reading to tell my grandmother the rain has started. A lot of that is connected to my allergies and the fact that when it rains I feel SO AMAZING. But it is also because it is my favorite weather. Maybe because of the lack of allergy pain, but I think it's because of the rain itself.

Today as I sat on the sofa and stared out the window watching the rain come down in sheets across the mountains, I was surrounded by a sense of peace. It is so beautiful here when it rains. Every storm is different, and depending on how the storm system goes there are so many various rainstorms to experience. Today it was pelting down, sheets of rain. Visibility was low, there was fog, the temperature dropped. You could see tendrils of mist and fog creeping down through the trees. The mountains that are a constant backdrop were shrouded by not only the misty fog, but also by the rain itself. This storm was one that I could actually watch roll in from the mountains in the distance and see the moment that it hit my across the street neighbor's yard moments before it made its way into our yard. It was beautiful. Rain like we had today always makes me wish I had artistic ability. That I could capture the scene outside my window through film or drawing, that I could capture that scene to show with everyone I meet. To say THIS is beauty. Everything turns SO green, even when the fog is covering the ground and the rain is so heavy that it is hard to count the trees in the distance. It is a color I have yet to manage to translate in photographs. It just proves that there are things we are meant to experience and remember instead of find a way to hold on to them in some physical format.

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