Monday, August 15, 2011

BEDA 14- Chelle and BBF1 Remember the 90s

Apparently BEDA=list making. Oh well, I'm one heck of a list maker! Tonight I conned BFF1 into helping me come up with a BEDA List and she suggested listing things we liked about The 90s. Since I'm exhausted and kind of feel like garbage I agreed.
Things We Love: 90s Edition

90s Fashion
-Oversized T-Shirts
-Kurt Cobain Rocker Chic
-One Strap Overalls
-Poodle Perms
-The Bowl Cut
*Family Matters
*Boy Meets World
*Full House
-Who's the Boss
-Saturday Morning Cartoons
*Clarissa Explains It All
*Hey Dude
*Salute Your Shorts
-Duck Tales
Old School PBS
-Nothing beats the Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow of our childhood. Kids today don't know what they're missing!
-Clear Pepsi
-Fun Dip
-Push Pops
-Ring Pops
-Candy Cigarettes
-New Coke (the only Coca-Cola I really remember)
-Movie Tie-In products
-The M&M's Color contest
Heart Throbs
-Mark Paul Glosselaar
-Fredde Print JR
-Brad Renfro
-Mario Lopez
-Jonathan Brandis
-Leonardo DiCaprio
-Jason Priestly

-Backstreet Boys
-98 Degrees
-She's All That
-10 Things I Hate About You
-Billy Madison
-The original Scary Movie
-Wayne's World
-I Know What You Did Last Summer
-Cruel Intentions
Disney Movies
-The Lion King
-Beauty and the Beast
-The rerelease of 101Dalmations
-The Great Mouse Detective
-The Little Mermaid
And the most important thing that came from the 90s? Harry Potter of course!

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Chris said...

*Cracks open another Surge and watches some more DUCK TALES* Since it was accidentally deleted. ;)