Sunday, January 15, 2012

Missions Four through Seven

I didn't do daily blogs for several missions, because really they were short and simple or I didn't exactly manage to complete them. These things happen. I'm going to take a moment and update all of you on those missions and then I'll post about my "Destination Unknown" adventure tomorrow morning. It will be AMAZING!

Mission Four was called "Here Comes the Sun" and Revolution-ers were asked to make an effort to watch the sunset and the sunrise the following day. Now, where I live usually has AMAZING sunsets like this.

However I was foiled in my attempt to get a GREAT picture because it was SO overcast! This is the best picture I got and it's hard to even tell that it is sunset. Dawn was actually impossible because of fog and rain and just gunky skies, but I enjoyed looking for the sunrise each day.

Mission Five was was a bit easier in some respects. We were asked to compliment five people throughout the day. This was easy as pie. I made sure to give genuine compliments, because fake love isn't cool. I complimented students in the school where I worked, co-workers, and family members. The only catch was that we were asked to compliment two strangers. When you work in a small school with only 350(ish) students and less than 50 members on staff it is HARD to find a strangers. I am still on the lookout for strangers to compliment and I will report back ASAP when I find (and praise) them.

Mission Six was easy as pie. Give to charity. I decided at the end of the year to donate the amount of money I spend on books throughout the year to charities I like. Trying to balance those scales a little bit. For this challenge I bought a Basket of Hope from Heifer International. I love Heifer International because they give much needed supplies to people in areas of needs and those supplies don't feed one person for a day. Those supplies make it possible to feed multiple families, increase self-reliance, and boost the economies in these areas. It is a truly wonderful organization where you can buy "gifts" at almost any price point!

Mission Seven was tweaked more than a little to suit my needs. Revolution-ers were instructed to "suit up" and put on fancy clothes for the day. Fridays are the only dress down days we earn at school and I had PLANS to go adventuring after school with BFF1, so I was REALLY unwilling to give up my denim and Chucks. Instead I put effort into my appearance in another way. I actually blow-dried my hair and used a little product to make it look like it had a style. I also wore make-up. This isn't a normal thing for me, I usually sleep as long as possible or read in the morning, giving me only the minimum amount of time to get ready each morning. This usually means I have a quick shower, throw on clothes, and rush out the door with wet hair and no makeup at all.

These missions really are enjoyable and are usually so easy to complete. Even if I don't finish them on the day they are "assigned" or the way I am directed it is really delightful to add these things to my daily routine. Changing small things make each day a surprise and it is lovely.

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