Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Revolution Mission One

Clearly I am a glutton for punishment. After my previous post I had a conversation with my father and in a fit of EMOTION I signed up for the daily challenge revolution. It maybe wasn't the best time to sign up, because today's mission was "Try a new entertainment." As previously mentioned I live in a TINY town in southwestern Virginia. Entertainment options include: the movie theater, hanging out in Wal-Mart parking lot* like local high school kids, sporting events at one of the local high schools, and our dinner theater. It wasn't really easy to find a "new" form of entertainment to try. I like watching sports, but even if I hated them there aren't games on Saturday nights. It was dark so no outdoor activities are available. Finally I decided to watch a TV show** that I wouldn't normally watch.

I absolutely loathe weddings, and with recent events in my personal life I find love even more off-putting than usual. With these thoughts in mind I browsed Netflix until I stumbled upon My Fair Wedding, a reality show that follows a wedding planner as he provided dream weddings for soon-to-be brides. Usually I find these types of shows a tad bit disgusting. All of the money and drama and's just too much for me. Perhaps because my own dream wedding includes sundresses, flip flops, and the field behind my aunts house. Or maybe a barefoot wedding on a quiet beach with our families. Nothing big or extravagant.

I watched the first show and wasn't really impressed. The wedding was pretty and David Tutera does a fabulous job of pulling all of the brides crazy ideas together into something cohesive and lovely. But it didn't really do anything for me. I decided to watch the second episode so I had enough data to write this post. I'm not going to lie...the second episode got me a little bit. The bride was super controlling and you could tell that she and her groom didn't have a lot of money. Her mom bought her wedding dress and the groom's parents gave them their invitations and other stationary as a Christmas gift. Even with obstacles the bride was fun and bubbly and happy. I immediately wanted her to have a good wedding and for it to meet all of her expectations. At each step along the way she ended up in tears because she was so happy and excited. She had wonderful manners and probably said "thank you" 100 times in the hour long episode. It was refreshing to watch her. And it was enjoyable.

While this wasn't my favorite show and I doubt I become an avid fan, I can see myself watching this show again. Especially since there were some great wedding themes that I'd like to see come to pass! I had to avoid the temptation of watching Alice in Wonderland theme and Pirates theme because that seemed like cheating! Although I know the point of this challenge wasn't to pick something you don't like, I did enjoy picking something that I would never voluntarily watch if it was showing on TV and giving it a chance.

*Truthfully I should have done this because even as a high school student I didn't troll local parking lots.
**Was inspired by Rosianna watching Eastenders in her video today

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