Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book-to-Movie Review: Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series of books by Louise Rennison is one of my favorite YA series. The books are so fun and lighthearted, but they still ring true. I mourned the end of the series (even though I loved how Rennison tied up all the ends) and I occasionally look at my copies of the book and think "soon Gee, you and I will meet again."* Yesterday, the movie Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging played on Nick. As my grandmother and I settled in to watch the film, I hoped that the movie would be as fun and funny as the book series it was based on. Moments in I had plenty of thoughts and feelings**, but no real complaints. The cast was really good. There were a few issues (Tom and Robbie are brothers but Robbie is older, I pictured Wet Lindsey as gawky with long arms and legs, Ellen wasn't clueless enough, Georgia seemed a little young, there was no Sven) but many of the cast was right on. Georgia's mom? Wonderfully cast and acted. My grandmother actually said "well, she has no problem at all letting her boobs hang out," which I thought was a great kudos to the film makers since all Georgia talks about in the books is how her mother has no shame and always wears low cut shirts. I also realized how living with a twenty-six year old has influenced my grandmothers language, but that's another blog post! Slim was also well done (even though she wasn't really in the movie very much.) Robbie was okay and Dave the Laugh was excellent and so dreamy. I thought that the Ace Gang had great chemistry, I could see the four of them sitting in the back of class passing notes and getting into all kinds of trouble. My grandmother loved Angus*** and laughed every time he was on screen. I wish there had been more Dave the Laugh, Libby, and Sven because they are the craziest characters and they always bring the laughs. I wish that the film makers hadn't made Georgia's relationship with her parents all gooey. In the books it is obvious that she loves her parents, but she is always very embarrassed by them. In the movie she is more affectionate and forgiving. Many of my favorite book scenes were well represented, and though there were some deviations all the important stuff was there. I think this movie adaptation was a huge success.

If you haven't read the books what are you waiting for? They are so wonderful. If you are an adult, don't worry. As I read the books I can remember being a fourteen year old girl and I laugh at how caught up I was in life. It is fun to be able to look back and remember how simple things were, even if I thought they would never get more complicated than they were right then. Having to choose between three fantastic guys?**** I wish that was the biggest issue in my life now, but it is so refreshing to read things from Georgia's point of view. She definitely would have been my pal when I was in high school, and she is one of the funniest characters in YA lit today. The books are just full of laughs though. There are plenty of life lessons for teens: first love, lost love, self-discovery, the true meaning of friendship, and many more.

So basically this is my consensus: Read the books! They are fun for everyone of every age. Watch the movie too. I would recommend you do both! If you are a hardcore Georgia fan, don't worry-the movie isn't going to disappoint you. If you have never picked up one of the books the movie will send you to your local library or bookstore looking for them. Either way, you will not be disappointed if you make a date with Georgia Nicolson.

*What? You don't talk to your books?
**Georgia's flat is really nice, Jas is really annoying, LOL olive costumes, *sigh* Dave the Laugh, that kissing scene was kind of gross, "Really Robbie, that's your guitar solo face? Really?," why isn't Rosie Georgia's bff-they make more sense.
***"That's a cat?!?!?! Good Lord what a cat!"
****Three fantastic guys? I have always been Team Dave the Laugh. I thought Robbie was kind of a tool, albeit a dreamy tool, who wanted Georgia to be someone she wasn't. (Girls-you never have to change for a boy! Be who you are and at least you'll like yourself, which is more important that whether others like you. I promise it doesn't always seem like it, but it is true!) Massimo was an idiot with an awesome accent who was way too old for Georgia and cared more about the band than her. D the L was her pal who always liked her, regardless of how she looked or the less than nice way she acted. However, I won't tell you who she picked, because I don't want there to be spoilers!

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