Friday, January 15, 2010

In Which Chelle Has the Craziest Work Week EVER

So, this week my job has been CRAZY! I work in a first grade classroom with kids who have behavior issues. This means my job is crazy every day really, but this week has been worse because we have had so many snow days. School started back here on January forth but we have only gone five days, and those days we were delayed. Let me be the first to tell you that lack of routine is terrible for small children. So all week I have been running around, chasing kids, and them coming home and just vegging on the couch. I watched Idol this week and meant to post on it. I always love the audition episodes, they tend to be hilarious. However, I wasn't really impressed with all of the backstories that came with the auditions. Basically, everyone has problems and I don't really need to hear about all of the sorrow. It also bothered me because if the person was great then their backstory was poignant and touching, but if the person had no talent then they were made fun of.* I loved Posh spice as a guest judge, but didn't really like Mary J. Blige at all. I thought that she was rude and mean, even worse than Simon. I am excited to see the rest of the season, mainly to see how Ellen does. I don't know if I love her as a judge or not. I think she's hilarious, but I think that if you are judging a music show that you should have musical talent as well.

Anyway...after an insane week, my plan for tonight is to hang out with my cousin and watch a Just My Luck. The rest of the weekend is full of me doing paperwork and such, but I hope that I will have time to read a book! I'm really behind from last year. I hope that all of you have happy weekends!

*Case in point, the poor guy that almost died like three times. They had the horrible "dramatization," made the frame shake whenever he was walking, and Simon said he had nine lives. Come on Idol, he is still a person who has feelings. Give the dude a break!

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