Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick and Easy Updates

So much for my dream of being a better blogger in 2011. So far I am failing miserably! But it isn't my fault!* So instead of rambling on about how I wish I were blogging like a CHAMP, I will instead put forth some ideas I have had and some life updates as well.

For starters, we're in the midst of massive snow. Not really MASSIVE snow actually, just snow. However, snow+ice+mountains=confinement. I recently discovered that in my county there are over 100 miles of unpaved, dirt roads that are serviced by school buses! Because of this we frequently miss a LOT of school. I only worked six days in December and so far I have already missed a day of work. According to the forecasts we are expected to get snow and ice all week, so I doubt I work very much in January either. This is going to be good for my reading and TBR lists though. So far I've read a book and am halfway through another book. It's wonderful!

This year BFF2 and I are going to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have loved reading my friend April's blog entries about her reread of Harry Potter, and it has made me wonder how I would fair if I blogged my way through Tolkien. Honestly, I probably won't do a great job of it, but when I get through the first few chapters I'll see how I feel about blogging. Regardless of my blogging about Tolkien, you should all check out her reread. It is amazing and insightful. It makes me want to reread Harry Potter myself.**

Other things in life? Not too much. The Fantastic Four and I made plans today to have a Lord of the Rings movie marathon. If we do there is a good chance I will live-tweet that. I have been tweeting my way through MANY different TV shows and movies lately***. No computer means no internet, but luckily I still have twitter on my fancy phone, so I feel marginally connected. Recently I have watched a ridiculous amount of The Golden Girls, which always leads to live-tweeting, and occasionally tweet-alongs as well.

Not much else to report kids. As soon as the computer charger comes I will be back with a vengeance. I'm currently at my parents house doing paperwork*** and setting up a few blog posts so that I am not completely absent. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that 2011 is not as technology challenged as mine has been!

*No, really! My computer charging cord broke and I have a new one ordered, but so far there have been MANY shipping issues.
**Although, let's be honest. Pretty much every single thing in life inspires me to reread Harry Potter. HP consumes my life in a very real way.
***Beauty and the Beast, Doctor Who (Doctors Ten and Eleven), and Bones to name a few.
****And by "doing paperwork" I obviously mean "blogging and playing on twitter." Don't judge me!

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