Sunday, August 1, 2010

BEDA=Blog Every Day in August

BEDA! Will I manage to blog every day in August? I hope so, but who knows. I should have a lot of subject matter, what with school starting and a few days off work which will be spent with The Fantastic Four. Hopefully I will be able to read a book for a change and then I can post a review or two. I'm glad that I didn't set this up to be a book review blog...because that would be a massive fail. It's more like my personal blog, where I talk about a lot of random things. And I do mean a lot of randomness! As I type this Erin is hanging over my shoulder, reading everything, as we watch Olivia on Nick Jr. Here's the thing about Olivia the TV show...I really love that they take great children's books and make them into TV shows, but I am afraid that in the long run kids forget about the books. I just asked Erin if she had ever read the Olivia books and she looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted wings. Oh well, I guess it's the former children's librarian (and full time book lover) in me. However, short as this post is...I will hopefully be around for you to stalk throughout August. And since it only takes 21 days to form a habit, maybe I can get back in the habit of blogging more frequently.


Paige said...

Nice to know that someone else is doing BEDA this month as well! :)

Andrea said...

I try and make sure to read any books that have TV shows to my son. He likes Olivia but that is one I haven't read to him yet. Oh well, we are due a trip to the library. Happy to see you doing BEDA. I am too.