Saturday, August 7, 2010

In Which Chelle Finds Yet ANOTHER Obsession

Because, really, I don't have enough of those right? Let's just have a quick refresher course on my obsessions, shall we? Harry Potter, YA Lit, Maureen Johnson, Vlogbrothers, YouTubers/DFTBA artists, too many classic rock bands to list, books, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, nail polish, Twitter, Food Network, movie dates with the cousins, the list goes on and on. So, with all that you would think I would have no time to be obsessed with anything else, right? Apparently not. Today I watched my first ever Doctor Who episode. Actually, I watched a few. Now, I know I came into this a little late to the game, but I'm glad I finally showed up!

My dad, who has greatly influenced both my musical tastes and my love for science fiction/fantasy books and movies, has been a Doctor Who fan from WAY back in the day. He watched the older episodes when they originally aired and then a few years ago when we got BBC America he quickly became hooked again. However, due to my insane work schedule at a previous job and the fact that I moved in with my grandmother when I left The Job From Hell, I had never watched a show with him. Currently my grandmother governs a lot of what I watch on TV, and I spend a lot of time watching shows on my computer, because she doesn't really enjoy aliens or medical dramas. So Doctor Who has continued to take a backseat to things like Andy Griffith and Hallmark movies. Which is cool, I love the time I spend with my grandmother just hanging out and watching cheesy movies and shows.

So for the past year or so my dad has been trying to convince me to watch Doctor Who. The only problem is that I am slightly crazy and I have to know EVERYTHING that is going on, so I was worried about just picking up mid-series. My dad continuously told me that there was no need to go back to the episodes that aired in the early 1960s, but I remained unconvinced. I continuously assured him that ONE DAY I would get around to watching the show, but that I wasn't really in a hurry. After all I had eleven Doctors worth of episodes to watch.

THEN it turns out that like EVERYONE I follow on Twitter is a Doctor Who fan, and I'm just like "seriously?" So, today while I am recuperating from my Summer of INSANITY, I decided to just man up and watch the first episode. And well, we know how that turned out, don't we? I cannot believe that I waited SO long to start watching! Complete insanity. Actually, I can believe it. I also didn't watch LOST, House, or Bones when they first came out and eventually I ended up being completely addicted to them as well.

My main conclusions from the first two and a half episodes that I watched today is that Amy Pond is CRAZY pretty, and that Matt Smith is SLIGHTLY insane, and by slightly I mean COMPLETELY bonkers. Now, my dad assures me that the crazy is caused by the fact that Matt Smith's Doctor isn't completely formed, so that is good, I guess. I kind of like his marginally insane gaze! I am still trying to work out everything and am wondering just how important everything that came before really is. However my dad hasn't misled me in the past, so I am trusting in his assurances for now.

If any of you are HUGE Doctor Who fans, please feel free to tell me how silly I am for not watching before now. No spoilers PLEASE though! Right now I am on the "Victory of the Daleks" episode.


Coyote Rose said...

I don't watch DR. Who, but i love BBC shows. I loved Robin Hood and now I'm addicted to Merlin

Anonymous said...

I have the first episode of Robin Hood (it was free on iTunes) but haven't watched it yet. I really want to see Merlin though. I love Arthurian legend!