Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Hey! Remember that time I had a blog, and I was doing BEDA? Yeah, that was nice. Should have known that August was a terrible time for blogging every day! I should do that next summer when I mentor and only have to work for five hours a week. I digress! I started normal in the classroom work on Wednesday after all of the work related drama that occurred on Tuesday. I was a little freaked out but I knew my client a little bit, and one of my aunties teaches a class that my client is in, so I was confident that I would be okay. If there is one thing that always centers me it is my family, and it is nice to have that link this year.

Another thing that excites me about being with a client who is in seventh grade is that it gives me the opportunity to LEARN! That's right, I am a HUGE nerd and can't wait to actually start learning things. Most of the teachers are nice, but we're still trying to figure out classroom logistics. I'm simultaneously lucky and unlucky that my client is EXTREMELY quiet. It's nice because I don't have to interrupt class to redirect his behavior, but it is difficult to get him to actually talk to me. Honestly, this week he told me that he has trouble maintaining control of his temper and I almost passed out due to the fact that he ACTUALLY spoke!

So, like I more work freak outs! However, I do have a funny work story. Last week I worked three days. On each of those days I was mistaken for a seventh grader. This is particularly funny to me because lately BFF1 and I have been struggling to adjust to the fact that we are getting older. Not like we're ancient or anything, but sometimes it's easy to forget that I'm a grown-up. So, it's nice to look young...but I don't think I want to be mistaken for a student much longer. I can handle college student, but not a middle school student! Blasted genetics for making me SO SHORT!!!

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